Saturday, October 18, 2008

Li'l Witch and a Li'l Eye Candy

Here is some more progress on my Shepherd's Bush Little Witch! I'm really pleased with her. I'm doing another rose at the top of the stem like someone else I had seen, because I don't like that pumpkin button they provided. I have a Halloween Bird design that calls for it, so I'll save it for that. :)

I've included a bit of interior Halloween eye candy. I decorate everywhere, and I'll post pics of my bathroom (yes, I had my husband repaint specifically for Halloween, lol) and the top of my kitchen cabinets sometime soon. For now, I just took some shots of some of my favorite things to look at.

The box that the skulls are sitting on is like a Halloween version of the one used at Christmas time where you take a decoration out every day up until Halloween. It came with a black tree and handmade decorations. I'll show you that soon too!

I love this little guy. He's so heavy and his little arms and legs just flop there. He's got the coolest face I've ever seen on a skull.

I collect Meadowbrook Gourds and have several more, but here's one. He has a green light in him. These things are great.

This is just a cheapo plug in, but he's very effective at night and is a great mood-setter! Uh, Halloween mood that is.

Thank you everyone for all the great comments on my last post! Glad you enjoyed peeking at the yard goodies. I have a costume to start sewing and will be super busy this week with prep and planning and pulling together everything. Enjoy your week and I'll check out everyone's blog tonight or tomorrow! Happy Stitching!!!!


  1. I just love your little Shepherd's Bush Witch! She is so pretty and your stitching is just awesome! I also love all of the cute things you have put in your home! You must have the most festive house ever!! How beautiful! I also love Shepherd's Bush and need to stitch some of it soon as I have some in my stash!

  2. Tam, I can't wait for the party. I know I've said this a billion times but, I REALLY need to work on my costume. Can't wait to see the bathroom!

  3. I'm dying to learn more about the bathroom! Oh... and what kind of costume are you sewing this year???

  4. Oh! Oh! I love the outdoor and indoor decor. The sheep is adorable and CB witch is looking great. I too am curious about this bathroom

  5. Your SB witch is so sweet! Your stitching looks great! I love all your Halloween decorations!

  6. Ok where to start? Love the little witch, sooooo cute. Love the 'drawer countdown' I want one! and mostly when you said a little eye candy I thought my UPS man was over to visit you LOLOLOL! oohh yeah. He's eye candy. Will you come over and help me sew?

  7. Tammy, your Little Witch is looking great. I also love your Halloween decorating. You must love this time of year?

  8. I am so loving looking at all your great decorations, what fun. Little witch is looking so cute too, can't wait to see her all finished up.

  9. Wow, your decorations look wonderful. Thanks for getting me in the Halloween spirit!

  10. Little Witch is adorable! And your Halloween decorations are spooktacular!!!

  11. Tammy, Little Witch is looking very awesome indeed! Really do like the idea of stitching the extra rose, rather than adding the button that came with the kit. Can't wait to see a grand finale finish. :-)

    Your indoor Halloween decoration's are just beautiful! You've definitely got GREAT TASTE!!! I loved seeing everything you shared.

    Happy Tuesday to you!

  12. I guess this is your most favourite time of the year?
    Love your SB Witch.

  13. Oh, Tammy your Shepherd's Bush wee Witch is just gorgeous!!! I love how she's turning out and I can't wait to see more... I love your idea of stitching another rose, rather than using the Pumpkin button that came with it... just lovely! :-) I'm definitely going to have to fly out and get this one ASAP! ;-)

    And your Halloween Decorations are just Spooktacular and sooo Artfully displayed! Just perfect, Hun! Can't wait to see the bathroom! ;-)

    And thanks ever so kindly for your sweet words of inspiration, Hun! :-)



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