Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Elusive Chicken Pattern Odyssey

WHOOOPPEEEE!!!!!!!! I found my chickens. So, remember THREE YEARS ago, when I was looking for this chicken pattern? I found a photo on Pinterest and HAD to have it, so I made a blog
post to see if anyone could identify it.

Well, no one could, lol. To say I have been obsessed with these little chickens is a gross understatement.  Seriously.  I have, in the midst of everything, been searching for this pattern with fervor for three years.

I decided a couple weeks ago to try again, as I have regularly been doing all this time.  Yeah, I know.  So I did a reverse image search on google and it directed me to a French blog, where someone was, years ago, doing a SAL with this pattern. Enter the French to English google translator. I had to copy and paste a bunch of stuff into it and it directed me to the originator of the SAL. After a bit more translation, I discovered the name of the BOOK it came from! (Cue angels singing and a heavenly light shining down from above...)

I searched Amazon. No luck. Etsy. Nada. Ebay---YES!  One person, from France of course, had a copy and I snatched that thing up so fast it would have made your head spin.  Here she is now:

This book is chock full of wonderful designs. I don't know much about the designer, Helen Wind, but her designs are AWESOME! Primitive type, think along the lines of Prairie Schooler, or Bent Creek, etc.  SO adorable!  And yes, the chickens are there and they are glorious. I have to laugh at myself at the sense of satisfaction I'm having at received this today! I mean, it obviously doesn't take much to make me happy. Not at all. And here's the obligatory pic of the pattern, but with my finger in it so I could blur it a bit-'cause I hate when people post patterns on blogs!

Oh yikes.  I need a manicure and some hand lotion stat.  Please forgive my ugly finger!

I will update VERY soon, as I am nearly done with another project!  I have been stitching my buns off, to make something for someone special (hi Mom!). It's really pretty too! And best of all, I'm still in my stitching groove and feeling great about it.  I hope you all are.  I will check in soon, and in the meantime, 


  1. Good for you on being persistent in your quest for the chickens! I am glad you found it. It looks like a fabulous book.

  2. You are so lucky to have found this particular design after such a long time of searching for it. Now that I see the book cover I have to admit that I own this book but couldn't remember all the designs in it. But you are right, the book is full of wonderful designs. Have fun stitching your chickens.

    1. How funny! I feel lucky to have found it! I do love everything in there! Thanks for responding Brigitte!

  3. Glad you got your groove back. ;)
    Happy you found the aloof chickens too!
    Have fun.

    1. Thanks Marilyn! Definitely on my list of projects to complete very soon!


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