Sunday, July 4, 2021

Happy Fourth of July and Pineberry Lane update!

Happy Independence Day for those in the U.S.! Honestly, I'm just glad to have survived the past year and a half, with all it's scary and frustrating aspects. 

Can't think of a better way to celebrate than stitching on my Pineberry Lane Shoo! She's been so fun and I've gotten a good deal done! 

My sweet little Jenny had her 15th birthday on June 29! We're so lucky to have her still. She's fiesty and a bit ornery, but we love her. Most of that is just the nature of a Jack Russell. What are you gonna do?

She's a very funny little dog too. She has an actual sense of humor, as I think most dogs do, but hers is apparent. These dogs are so intelligent. They can give you a run for your money. And the barking. Don't get one if you don't love being startled by a sharp bark every now and again. They love to hunt too, so they need places to explore. But they are very loving. Happy Birthday Jenny! <3

We hit up our local fair, which was so cute and fun! It wasn't too hot that day and we so enjoyed spending some with the kiddos.

Hope everyone has a fantastic 4th! Enjoy, and until next time,

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  1. Hope your 4th was fun!
    Shoo! is looking great.
    Happy Birthday Jenny! So cute!


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