Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Couple of Earlier Finishes

These are just a couple of finishes from earlier this year. There is Red Winged Blackbird by Bent Creek (I love this one). And then there is the House Cleaning Fairy by Prairie Schooler. I made both these while finishing up my work year this past April. I'll be starting again soon, so I wanted to get these "on the books" as it were-you know, proof that I stitched something!

I worked on my blog a bit today. Well, actually it was for more hours than I'm comfortable admitting, lol. The header didn't come out exactly as I wanted, but hey, it works, and it's me! No, I'm not a witch. I just like witches. And stitching.

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  1. Funny... I just started a third blog! I really like your header, and that quote is great!

  2. I love that quote too! A third blog?? Goodness, how are you gonna keep up girl? I'll probably re-do the header, but it's OK for now.

  3. I like the header, it looks great! Any work on "Gathering Eggs"?

  4. Your blackbird is soo cute!!!


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