Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On My Wishlist


Isn’t this neat?  I have it in my new wishlist gadget, over there on the sidebar.  It’s called “Something Wicked” by La D Da.  She’s one of my absolute favorite designers.

I’ve made a little more progress on my Little Witch.  I need to pick up the Halloween Fairy because I wanted to finish that by the time the holiday was here!  Now that I’m busy working from home again, time for stitching is slowed a bit.  I hope to catch up this weekend.  I was so spoiled having the summer off.  Man, I miss it.

My camera is so awful.  I had lots of Halloween decorating pics to post, but they didn’t turn out well.  I snagged my DH’s work camera, but I’m not that familiar with the settings.  Since it was dusk, I used the dusk setting and wouldn’t you know they turned out too dark?  I thought dusk meant that it would compensate for it!  Oh well.  I’ll take some more tomorrow, because we do some good decorations around here and I’d like to share some peeks all the way up until Halloween (my favorite holiday in case you still didn’t know!)

Well, I hope everyone is gearing up for the upcoming holiday and getting out all your jack –o- lanterns and skeletons and witches.  Time is coming for the black and orange, scary movies, candy, parties, costumes, leaves, pumpkin patches and pumpkin lattes!


  1. Oh Tammy....I saw this on Sunday at the shop hop at Flying Stitch. OMG the fabric alone is AWESOME! It is a MUST have. I walked away from it...quickly. lol

  2. I want that pattern too but am afraid it'll just sit there because of all the black in the boot. Can't wait to see your decorating pictures! In the morning I'm going to the basement to take out the Halloween decoration boxes...so excited!!!

  3. You know I LOVE this one! Your wish list is neat... I keep thinking I'll make a photo one, but of course I haven't.

    Enid asked at least a month ago when we were going to decorate for Halloween. That's my girl!

  4. I like the picture wish list...very cool! I went to pick up the girls the other night and flashed my high beams at your house so that I could see all the new decorations! hehe
    I really didn't see much just your hubby fooling around in the garage and looking quite surprised.

    The boot is nice, I like it. I've been working on a Halloween Sampler (actually you gave it to me) for a couple of years now. It hurts my eyes cuz I'm using black linen...I wonder where did I put it?

  5. It's really cute isn't it?! I love it too and I started it last week...not much to show on it yet...but its growing :o)

  6. I should be getting that design anytime in the mail now. I love it. I have Miss Mack Mack to do too. Just not enough hours in the day,lol
    I still have to get my decor out of the closet and outside.

  7. I love that pattern too! I can't wait to see your pictures! I did put a picture of my mantel up on my blog page! Check out my new doll!

  8. I absolutely love that one :)

    Just found (and bookmarked) your blog...it is great! Looks like you have some awesome projects in the works :)

  9. Oh, I love, love, love this one too, Tammy... and it moved right up to the top of my Wish List the moment I saw it! I have Plum Street Samplers new one Toil and Trouble and I thought this would go perfectly with it... So, this one *will be* in my next order from Drema at Needlecraft Corner! ;-)


  10. I love that pattern, it's absolutely perfect!!!!

    I'd be happy to send you the chart of the Blessed Be that I stitched a while ago. Please send me your mailing info, you can find my email address in my blog (the top right corner). :)


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