Monday, September 8, 2008

Prairie Fairy finish and some stash...

Nothing too exciting. Just a little Prairie Schooler Fairy. She's the Stitching Fairy and carries her needle and thread to complete all those WIPs we all have laying around. Not me, but the rest of you! You'd know I was kidding if you saw my craft closet, lol. :) Um, that's not really blue fabric. My camera is on it's last legs, so please forgive. It's Oatmeal aida-type cloth. WAAAAAY back when I did the first one (The Prairie Fairy on a crow), I hadn't yet progressed to linen. I'm doing this set on the same cloth for consistency sake.

I have three of the 4 done now. All that's left is the Gardening Fairy. I'll finish it by year end I hope--in between all the other stuff I want to get done. I need to learn a bit more about getting on a rotation. I've never really done that. It's just been "a little here and a little there" sort of thing. But I imagine you get a whole lot more done sticking to a schedule!

Some stash recently aquired! Mirabilia's Morning Glory and Iris from the Pixie Coture collection. Thanks MOM! If you want to see another beautiful one in progress, please check out my friend Tracy at The Dancing Needle blog. She's a Mirabilia fanatic...in a good way of course.

I also bought LHN "Night and Day". I've loved this one for a while. Don't you know I think I also recently ordered it online! Hmmm. Note to self: work on impulse control. It wouldn't be the first duplicate item in my stash however. I also won an eBay auction for an old Bent Creek chart called "Twinkle Twinkle". Kind of prim, but it has stars and I'm crazy for stars. I think it'll turn out cute!

If you've made it this far and have any advice on rotations, please shoot it my way...I NEED to get more stitching done, lol!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I look forward to seeing what you are whipping up next!


  1. That Morning Glory is awesome, and I really like the Fern one from that collection too! Have you seen it?

  2. When did you get the Iris Pixie? Last weekend? I'm jealous...lol

    Nice job finishing the Prairie Fairy, now all you have to do is save up for the frame. You've seen all of mine just waiting to be framed. BTW, the Christmas fairy is still MIA.

    Thanks for the shot out on your blog...I am a Mirabilia freak! I proudly admit it~

  3. oops...that should be "shout out"

    Am I really an English teacher?!

  4. I love your prairie fairy :) I have them all...need to stitch them someday for ME!
    Your stash looks GREAT!
    And one way to get more stitching done is to stay off the computer! LOL!....now I need to remember THAT for myself!

  5. Rotation? What's that?....You just do it girl :-) I try not to get too out of control with how many I have going at once. At least one big project but then I break it up by doing the 'little' stuff in between. I never used to be like that. ha. LOVE the Bent Creek! Like I say, old stash new experience.

  6. What a lovely fairy, I hope it helps get everyones WIPs done!! And I adore those 2 fairies, I especially love the Iris one (she is one my wish list too!)
    I have a 4 week rotation for my largish projects which is working well but I stitch other little things in between to stop me getting bored with just one!!

  7. I love your little PS finish. A stitching fairy is exactly what I need to help me clear up some of my UFO's!
    Nice new stash too.


  8. The PS finish is fabulous and I just love your pixie's. I dont do rotation and probably never will, so I cant help you out none, Sorry!!

  9. Awesome PS finish ... I swear I have that pattern plus a few more cards.

    Maybe one of these years : )


Thank you so much! I appreciate all stitchy comments!