Sunday, June 7, 2020

Update on Flag Folk and New Food Tries!

I spoke too soon in the previous blog entry. Maybe a day and a half later, someone in my family was rushed to the hospital with the virus. All I can say is that if anyone thinks this is some overblown flu------boy, they are sadly mistaken. Sadly mistaken. It's vicious, and made all the more cruel because you can't be with your loved one when they are suffering the most. My family member is recovering, slowly, after a week of hospitalization and a return trip to the ER after that with a complication. Please, please wear your masks and use your hand sanitizer. None of us knows if we are asymptomatic carriers and may cause someone, like my family, another life-threatening situation, or worse! Rant over. On to the cross stitch!

I am amazed I got anything done on it the past week and a half after all we've been through. I think stitching took my mind off of it all for a tiny bit. Still plugging along, even after I type this entry up.

The weather has been just glorious summer type weather. And sitting outside just makes me feel peaceful. Soaking up the heat and sun for a while makes everything seem wonderful for a while. We also had a weird storm here last night.

I love that we have so much open sky in this neighborhood. It allows for some great sky watching, which I love to do all the time.

This past week saw me making a couple new recipes. I made a super tasty chicken teriyaki dish, which you can find HERE.

And this morning, I made a coffee cake, which I've never done before. You can get the recipe HERE.

It was just a tad dry. But overall, it's a nice vintage type coffee cake recipe! I will definitely be doing it again. I had the oven at 425 degrees (off of a Bisquick box picture), but the recipe above has the over at 400, so maybe that will help!

Try something new, appreciate what you can in life, and hug your loved ones. All the time, but especially in these times. There so much going on now. We will get through it, but things will most likely be changed.

Until next time,


  1. Prayers for your family member.
    A lot of people don't take this serious enough.
    Our state partially opened, & I see more & more people not wearing masks.
    It's almost like they think it is over because place opened!
    Loving Flag Folk on that fabric.
    Take care.

  2. Beautiful skies in your neighborhood! :-) Both food tries look delicious....i just might try the coffee cake. Very relieved to hear your relative is recovering from the virus....that's what scares me the most about it....it affects each person differently... Be safe and stay well!

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate that so much.

  3. What gorgeous sky pictures you shared of your neighborhood! Praying for the return of good health and full recovery for your loved one and praying for the rest of your family to be virus free. Flag Folk is looking good. Both of your new dishes look so tasty. Be well and safe.

    1. Thank you Robin. Your words are much apreciated!


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