Monday, August 9, 2021

August is here! Pineberry Lane Shoo! Update

Time for another slowpoke stitch update! I hope everyone has been enjoying summer. It's been hot and humid in Virginia, as always. August has brought a bit of relief and while still warm and sunny, you can nevertheless feel a change in the wind. 

I'm loving working with these colors. I need to plant sunflowers next year. So, she's coming along. Not fast, but still!

I also recently made something hilarious with my crochet hook.

I never thought I'd crochet a poo with a sweet little face, but I had to, lol. The little doily just makes it extra something, don't ya think?  I made a unicorn poo also.

Hahaha! They just made me laugh. I made them for a few kids in my life and they loved them. You can find the free pattern HERE.

I recently was lucky enough to find this Prairie Schooler in one of my stash unload groups. I have been wanting this forever and I'm so happy a kind soul was willing to part with it!

The country's pandemic numbers are rapidly rising. Nurses are walking off the job. And now even the vaccinated are recommended to wear masks indoors again. It seems our regard for one another has waned to a detrimental low and it's worrying. I hope so much there comes a day soon that we can pull together and get this done. Wherever you are reading this from, I hope the same for you too.

Hang in there. Stitch, create, and find some magic in the everyday. It's there. Just look. Be back soon with more stitching! Until then,


  1. Fancey is looking great.
    Those Poos are too cute! lol
    You scored on that PS, it's a good one.
    A lot of people don't believe in the shot here, they don't think it can happen to them.
    They make it hard for the rest of us who care.

    1. Thank you Marilyn! Yep, it does make it more difficult for those that care. You hit the nail on the head!

  2. Your Pineberry Lane piece is looking good, Tammy. Cute crocheted items! I am glad you found a sought after PS chart. Have a good week!


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