Thursday, October 2, 2008

Contest over at Stitch Pink !

There's a cute wallet/necklace combo up for a contest prize over at Stitch Pink. Go take a peek! If you haven't joined, please do. It's a great site. Get your mammograms done this month, in case you've neglected to do so previously. SO many of us are touched by breast cancer in some way or another. Either you've dealt with it yourselves, or you have a friend or family member. It's too common.

I lost my beautiful Granny, Sarah Jane - referred to as Janie by all who loved her - to breast cancer in January of 2005. It had returned in her bones 9 years after previously undergoing chemo and radiation sucessfully.

I was thinking of her fondly today. Remembering how her skin smelled of powder and how her hands felt so soft all the time. The way she laughed. Strange how we retain those sensory things. I'm so thankful I can recall those memories at will, along with all the other great things I fondly remember about her. Above is a little 6x6 scrapbook page I made to honor her. Probably my favorite photo of her. (the ribbon scanned funky but is actually a very pale pink). Now I need to STITCH something pink. She adored pink and red...



  1. My mom had breast cancer when she was 35, so I've been mammogramming since I was about 25. They're not funny, and sometimes it can be scary, but it's worth it. A good friend from high school's mother and grandma had it. She's terrified every time she goes for a mammogram.

    I always thought it was wonderful when Rosie O'Donnell sent all those women with buddies when they were scared to go.

  2. Such beautiful memories you've shared with us of your lovely, Granny Janie, Tammy! And what a beautiful scrapbook page!


  3. The scrapbook page is really beautiful in person...your grandmother is beautiful.


  4. I lost my mom to breast cancer. She only got to see my kids twice. I've gotten a mammo since I was 32! The scrapbook page is beautiful. I can't bring myself to do that yet.

  5. Such a lovely scrapbook page and lovely memories of your granny (who looks very contemporary in that picture--not granny-like at all).

  6. Beautiful page & thanks for sharing your memories.


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